Travel the fashion world in a fantastic sequel to the hit Time Management series.Work with real fashion styles like Gothic Lolita, Flamenco, and Royal Casual.Design your own original outfits to flaunt on the runway.Create trendsetting fashions with thousands of combinations.Improve your real-life fashion IQ with style descriptions and tips.Strut your own clothing designs on runways across the globe with Jojo’s Fashion Show – World Tour, the fabulous new adventure in the smashing designer series!
After many trials and tribulations, Jojo and Rosalind Cruz have finally earned a name in the fashion world. Now, Ros is leaving the nest to pursue her own dreams and Jojo must find a suitable replacement, but as the backstage drama unfolds, Jojo discovers that enemies are closer than she ever suspected. With Ros across the ocean and the Las Cruces label on the rocks, Jojo needs your fashion savvy more than ever.
Join Jojo, from Japan to Barcelona, in her worldwide quest to keep the Las Cruces label hot while fending off devastating scandals. Master over 50 real-life fashion styles including sultry Flamenco, sleek Paris Street and Gothic Lolita. Take an active role and design your own clothing with realistic models to flaunt on the runways. Improve your fashion IQ with up-to-the-minute style descriptions and tips. Do you have what it takes to design clothing worthy of the Las Cruces label?

All-new: Design your own clothing to flaunt on the runway

All-new: Realistic models and clothing

Go on a 10 city tour of the hottest fashion destinations

Master 50+ styles in 100 levels of playImprove your real-life fashion IQ with style descriptions and tip

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